Laboratory of Drug Discovery, Center for Research and Education on Drug Discovery


For the purpose of contributing toward drug discovery in academia, our laboratory conducts (1)practical and highly effective chemical synthesis based on synthetic organic chemistry, and development of methodology and synthetic strategy for them, regarding natural products having complex structures and prospective biological activities for drug discovery, and biopolymers such as nucleic acid or peptide as the interests of our research. (2)development of effective synthetic methods on sugar chain derivatives and heterocyclic derivatives, and drug development leading lead compound to clinical candidates by multi-dimensional optimization.

As the requirements for drug discovery in academia are getting more difficult year by year, now is the time for us to fulfill not only supply of compounds but also certain activity, selectivity, toxic data, elucidation of mechanism of action, and so on. To overcome these requirements, we need to fully understand the substances of these problems, to design compounds for achievement, and to

synthesize them firmly. We are heading for invention of drug discovery leading and development of drug discovery theories that surpass these functions of natural products or biopolymers by higher evaluation of activity and elucidation of mechanism of action using the probe molecules. We also strive for the construction of northern drug discovery platform dealing with intractable diseases in cooperation with organizations inside or outside of Hokkaido University, institutions, private enterprises.