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  At the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Hokkaido University, we have run the 6-year School of Pharmacy program since 2006. One of the requirements of the 6-year School of Pharmacy program is a six-month clinical training placement (In the former 4-year system, the placement only lasted for four weeks).
Over the course of half a year, students train in a “mock pharmacy” built within the faculty for 1 month, then go on to train in a hospital for 2 .5 months, and then in a pharmacy for another 2.5 months. The aim of this placement is for students to work as a part of a medical team and expand their knowledge, ability, and attitude towards working in a clinical environment.
In their fourth year, students immediately start training toward their six-month clinical training placement. Upon completing their basic training, students take the OSCE and CBT exams, aimed at assessing the students’ ability, attitude, and knowledge. Only those students who pass these exams go on to undertake their placements in hospitals and pharmacies in their fifth year.