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Medicinal Plant Garden

Overview of the Medicinal Plant Garden

Jeffersonia dubia, Barberry family
Founded in: April, 1956
Location: Kita 12-jo, Nishi 6-chome, Kita-ku, Sapporo
Phone number: 011-706-3242
Weather: (Average over approximately 30 years, from 1956- 1985)
Mean annual temperature: 8 °C
Annual rainfall: 1,141 mm
Latitude 43° 03', Longitude 141° 20', 17.2 m above sea level
Total Area: Approx. 6,272 m2
Central garden: Approx. 1,580 m2
Arboretum: Approx. 413 m2
Cultivating field: Approx. 799 m2
Experimental garden: Approx. 1,476 m2
Other: Approx. 2,004 m2
Currently we have plants spanning: 162 families, 638 genera, and 1,246 species
Buildings: Approx. 317 m2
Management Office: Approx. 128 m2
Laboratory: Approx. 47 m2
Joint heads of garden: Professor Katsumi Maenaka and Technical Staff Satoko Otsuguro
Main Activities: Cultivation, trial production, and breeding of new medicinal plant varieties

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