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Center for Research and Education on Drug Discovery

Our center has been founded in faculty of pharmaceutical sciences as a joint-use center for research and education in order to release academic-made drugs which made in Japan.

Our center promotes the screening of low molecular weight compounds for the target of intractable disease obtained from basic researches, as one of six core centers of “The Leading-edge Research Infrastructure Program Compound Library Center” supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

At the same time, we address the development of biomedicine such as antibody preparation and nucleic acid medicine that account for a large amount of primary new medicines. Producing prospective new compounds from both sides of low molecules and macromolecules, we promote the study leading to clinical trial exemptions.

Furthermore, we put great value on education toward young or female researchers along with graduated students so that they will be able to realize their results on the basis of their research for next generation. Our purpose is to become an integrated pharmaceutical facility in Japan.

Center for Research and Education
on Drug Discovery

Education Research Center for Clinical Pharmacy

The Education Research Center for Clinical Pharmacy was established in April 2010 with the aim of fostering pioneering pharmacists with the skills and leadership necessary for responding to the ever-growing needs of society and contributing to a wide range of work fields. We operate in accordance with the 2006 national educational reform of pharmaceutical science and seek to enrich the education and research that takes place under the new scheme.

Education Research Center
for Clinical Pharmacy

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