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Yuma Yamada receives Ebert Prize Award


The Ebert Prize – Yuma Yamada, PhD, of Sapporo, JP. The award recognizes the author of the best report of original investigation of a medicinal substance published in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences (JPharmSci). Dr. Yamada and colleagues are recognized for their article,” Mitochondrial Delivery of an Anticancer Drug Via Systemic Administration Using a Mitochondrial Delivery System That Inhibits the Growth of Drug-Resistant Cancer Engrafted on Mice.” Their research demonstrates the efficacy of a novel liposome formulation, MITO-porter, stabilized for long circulation time and capable of delivering drug cargo to the mitochondria. Moreover, their work establishes enhanced permeation, retention, and efficacy selective to cancer cells in an in vivo cancer model.
(Colleagues: Reina Munechika, Satrialdi, Fumika Kubota, Yusuke Sato, Yu Sakurai, Hideyoshi Harashima)

Details here or here.